Stumbling Free

Inspired by the world's best professional weasel management teams, the gentlemen of Stumbling Free initially set off on a journey to fame and fortune. Each possessing unique abilities within the corporate world, they believed themselves ready to take the northwestern rodent population by storm. Training on Wikipedia by day and interning by night for no pay, the guys found themselves on a journey to the unknown. Drawn to the weasels like a moth to the flame of a candle on fire, they began their own platoon. By accident one night after a particularly grueling 20 mile chase through sagebrush and old tires, the crew gathered around the campfire for some relaxing camaraderie. Having not even caught the scent of a short tailed weasel, they were certainly discouraged. Happening upon a twin set of acoustical guitars, Eric and Travis were startled to discover that not only did they each have an inclination of a musical kind, but they were better at guitar than weaseling. Ali joined in on the 808 and Derek found a bucket and rope and constructed a washtub bass. Having completely forgotten the woes of managing weasels the gang decided to embark on an even greater quest. You my friend are now sucked in. You are witness to the majesty. You are a part of ex-weasel management history. You have found Stumbling Free.

Ali - Drums/Percussion

Derek - Bass

Eric - Vocals/Guitar

Travis - Guitar/Vocals/Violin

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